“Insecurity is your fault” – implies President Uhuru Kenyatta

In what may be remembered in future as the biggest mistake of his short lived administration, Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta implied yesterday that rape of a child left at home is squarely a parent’s fault. He may be right but that was the most unfortunate, misplaced, insensitive and ill-timed speech. This happened as he fumbled with a desperate defense of his administration, the blunders of the police and his failed promises to decisively end insecurity.

That was not the posture of a capable Commander in Chief. Kenyans need a strong leader to protect them from hisĀ corrupt police and charcoal-mafia in his Defence Forces. A strong leader who “empathizes” with the lady who had to leave a child at home with a househelp to fend for her child. Maybe it is her fault, but his business is protecting the nation. The people killed by AlShabaab are not to blame! They were not killed and raped by their uncles – or stripped by touts (nay, Administration Police officers). They were attacked because we have an ongoing situation in Somalia that is squarely the President’s responsibility. He is Commander in Chief. It is his fault when his army cannot defend us – just like it is my fault when my sister gets harassed and stripped in the streets by one of his Administration police officers!

Back to the children and law abiding parents! Blaming them, for the crimes of others is utter weakness! – a monumental embarrassment. Unforgivable! I wish we could vote today, afresh.

This is not the man who was on his knees during his Inauguration.